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Tea by Tealish - Loose Leaf Black and Green Teas Canadian Made

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Loose-leaf Tea

Use one teaspoon full for brewing a cup

Boil Water

Let Steep 1-3 minutes, Enjoy! 

Giving you permission to relax, we see brewing a cup of tea as an important self care ritual that encourages well-being and mindfulness. Steeped in wellness, our products will inspire you to recharge and rejuvenate, giving you the energy you need to live your best life! 

COLD FIGHTERIt's a proven fact, a cup of tea is the best way to tackle a cold, right? Soothing and delicious, this blend is packed with antioxidants and cold fighting ingredients including echinacea, lemon, ginger and green tea. Brew up, add some honey and lemon, and drink up - your cold doesn't stand a chance!

NORTHERN LIGHTS GREEN TEAA bright green tea infused with bold fruit flavours like pear, apple, and citrus. Sweet and aromatic, this tea is a delicious way to detoxify.

CANADIAN MAPLE - Maple Syrup is a Canadian treasure, so we decided to honour our favourite national sweet with a tasty tea blend! Premium black tea is blended with real pieces of Ontario maple sugar and decorated with bright orange safflowers. A delicious way to enjoy the true north, strong and free!

 OH CHRISTMAS TEAblack tea, apple pieces, cinnamon, coriander, cardamom, ginger, anise, vanilla, pepper, natural flavours, almond slivers. contains: nuts