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Indoor Garden

Gardening and caring for plants is a very relaxing and enjoyable hobby but do you  struggle to know how much water you should be giving your plant?  


At Trottage Life, you can now purchase Hydro Grow Kits!   Hydro Grow Kits are incredibly innovate, with the water at base of the pot!!!!!  Wow this means the plant only consumes however much water it needs – effectively eliminating the possibility of under or over watering your plants!😀😀

The grow kit includes everything you need to grow your plant.  Choose from: Cactus, Bonsai, Aloe, Lavender, Chamomile or Basil.

How the Grow Kit works:

The outside is the glass planter with a stainless steel pot on the top.  This is attached to wick underneath that will suck up the water as the plant needs.  In the stainless steel pot there are seeds & plant food.   All you need to do? Pour water into the glass planter and watch the magic of gardening unfold inside your home!

Unlock Your Green Thumb or Give as a Gift for someone spending time Indoors!